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  1. Tiana tee
    Tiana tee
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  2. Kelly tee
    Kelly tee
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  3. Kim golfer
    Kim golfer
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  4. Victoria legging
    Victoria legging
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  5. Pam legging
    Pam legging
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  6. Jackson sweater
    Jackson sweater
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  7. Wendy golfer dress
    Wendy golfer dress
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  8. Riley sweater
    Riley sweater
  9. Lucas tee
    Lucas tee
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  10. Carson parka jacket
    Carson parka jacket
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  11. Bruce jogger
    Bruce jogger
  12. Sophia golfer
    Sophia golfer
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  13. Harper raincoat
    Harper raincoat
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  14. David tee
    David tee
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  15. Warren golfer
    Warren golfer
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  16. Jayden puffer jacket
    Jayden puffer jacket
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  17. Connor denim
    Connor denim
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  18. Daniella jodhpur
    Daniella jodhpur
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  19. Damian sweater
    Damian sweater
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  20. Rick tee
    Rick tee
  21. Justin golfer
    Justin golfer
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  22. Austin golfer
    Austin golfer
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  23. Elliot jogger
    Elliot jogger
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  24. Nina golfer
    Nina golfer
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Polo Kids New Arrivals

Where to buy kid’s new arrival apparel online?

For quality, luxury children’s new arrival apparel, shop with Polo South Africa today. We offer our full Collections range for both boys and girls online as well as in store too. If you’re wanting the latest in designer New Arrivals children’s clothing, make your first stop at Polo South African now.

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Polo Classic

For signature Polo style in sizes 2 – 14 years old, shop the Polo Classic range today. This range includes gorgeous items for both boys and girls in the most iconic Polo colours and designs. Shop your ideal outfit for your precious little person from the Polo Classic collection today.

Polo Jeans Co

Classic denim in versatile styles for kids, is what the Polo Jeans Co collection for children is all about. Our denim Polo Jeans Co collection range for kids is designed to be both comfortable and stylish. From denim shorts and jeans to shirts and dresses, you’ll find it all in our Polo Jeans Co collection for boys and girls now.

Where to buy Polo kid’s new arrivals?

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