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For the latest from this season’s trendiest men’s sneakers, shop at Polo SA today. When you shop online, you’ll be able to browse through our men’s Polo sneakers available in a range of styles, colours and sizes. From iconic Polo leather sneakers that can be worn with jeans, chinos or sweatpants to trendy knit sneakers that are perfect worn with any weekend look.

Shop online today you’ll be able to choose from our wide range of menswear and apparel. From golfers and t-shirts, to knitwear and jackets, you can kit out your entire wardrobe with the season’s trendiest pieces. We also offer a wide range of shoe options from sneakers to formal shoes too.

You can also shop for the whole family online. Search through our womenswear and children’s wear sections to find signature, stylish Polo apparel and clothing for everyone. 

Shop our full range online or find a flagship store near you now.

Shop for Men’s Polo Sneakers 

Where can I buy men’s sneakers?

Get the perfect pair of sneaker shoes for men at Polo SA. You can buy men’s sneakers online at the Polo online store now, where you’ll be able to choose from a range of men’s leather and knit sneakers. Or shop in store and find the best fit for your foot at a flagship store near you.

At Polo, we’ve designed our menswear range to be both trendy and utterly stylish. Whether you’re kitting yourself out in weekend casual with sweat tops and pants or you’re creating the perfect formal look in chinos and a golfer tee, you’ll be able to mix and match it all with Polo.

When you shop the Polo men’s sneakers South Africa range, here is what you can expect:

Men's Leather Sneakers

Perfect for all year-round style, the men’s sneakers for sale are available in a variety of styles and colours. Our entire sneaker is designed in simplistic, sophisticated Polo style, offering comfort and trendiness with every step.

Men's Slip on Sneakers

Our gusset slip-on sneaker is bang-on trend and is made to offer the best in comfort and functional style. Pair them with signature Polo men’s jeans for a trendy night-time look, or pair them with Polo men’s sweatpants for the perfect day time relaxed look.

Men's Knit Sneakers

Choose from our range of comfortable knitted sneakers today for the ultimate in athletic comfort. You’ll be able to choose from knitted sneakers in white or navy blue both with the iconic Polo emblem emblazoned on the side.

How much do men’s sneakers cost?

The cost of men’s Polo sneakers depends on the style of sneaker chosen. Browse our range, you’ll be able to get men’s sneakers in a variety of colours and styles from Polo today.

Polo, comfort and style with every step

At Polo, we are all about stylish comfort and our menswear range exudes that with every design. You’ll be able to buy the full range of men’s, women’s and children’s wear that Polo has to offer in two ways:


At Polo SA online, we offer each season’s trendiest pieces. Our online store is easy-to-navigate and showcases all of our designs for men, women and children. 

In Store

If you like to see our clothing in person and even try on the items first, then we’d love to welcome you at a Polo store nearest you. We have flagship stores available nationwide with well-trained sales staff to help you find your perfect fits.

Choose quality, sophistication, and style for the whole family. Choose Polo.