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At Polo South Africa, we’ve put together our finest Polo jeans women’s range including other apparel items like shorts, skirts, golfers, golfer dresses, shirts and shoes and created a Polo Classic collection that is both stylish to wear and easy to shop for online.

Choose a pair of Polo classic jeans in skinny cut or even ankle-length as only a fashion-forward fashionista would, or pick a signature golfer for your golf day out where you want to be the best dressed diva on the course. No matter your fashion style or the occasion, you’ll find an item or two that’s perfect for you in our Polo Classic collection.

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Polo Jeans Women’s

Where to buy Polo classics?

The Polo Classics collection you’ll find a wide range of womenswear pieces like Polo jeans for ladies as well as other designer items like shirts, t-shirts, pants and much more. The range of Polo jeans and other apparel for women in the Polo Classic collection is designed with beauty, sophistication and absolute comfort in mind. Whether you’re need the perfect casual outfit for a summer braai, or a classic look for a special occasion, you’ll be able to create your ensemble from the Polo Classic collection for women now.

Other collections in the women’s collections include:

New Arrivals

Do you like to be a fashion-forward leader that wears items that others haven’t even seen yet? Well then, you’ll love the New Arrivals collection at Polo online now. Featuring trendy pieces new to the Polo range of womenswear, you’ll find everything for the latest shoes and sneakers to the latest shirts, t-shirts and golfers too. Shop for the latest designs and trendiest fabrics and colours now.

Polo Jeans Co

Signature Polo jeans at exclusive prices in a range of designer styles and cuts, is what you can expect from the Polo Jeans Co collection. You’ll also be able to shop our range of women’s shirts, t-shirts and more, all of which pair perfectly with Polo Jeans to create the most iconic and sophisticated look yet.


Our Polo Essentials collection does exactly what it says. We’ve put together the most essential women’s apparel items that are must-haves in any fashionista’s wardrobe and put them together in one collection. We’ve made it easy for you to buy the most classic and contemporary pieces that Polo has to offer including activewear pieces like golfers and t-shirts too.


How much are Polo classics?

Embrace your inner stylista and shop for classic Polo apparel from the Polo Classics range. No matter what your style sense or price range, you’ll find an item or two in this collection that will speak directly to your heart. Own a Polo Classic piece now by shopping with us online. You’ll find our iconic range of womenswear along with accessories and shoes too.

You’ll also be able to shop for the entire clan thanks to our detailed ranges online. Browse the menswear range including accessories and shoes too. We also have a large range of boy’s clothing, girl’s clothing and baby grow for your tiny one too.

If you’d prefer to have some retail therapy time alone, come visit us at a Polo store near you. We are proud to boast 15 flagship stores nationwide that all carry a large range of the latest womenswear. Find us at a luxury mall near you today.

Choose quality, sophistication and style for the whole family. Choose Polo.

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  1. Mich tipped golfer
    Mich tipped golfer
    Regular Price R799.00 R399.00
  2. Harriet walk short
    Harriet walk short
    Regular Price R799.00 R399.00
  3. Mpho paisley stretch golfer
    Mpho paisley stretch golfer
    Regular Price R799.00 R399.00
  4. Berli golfer dress
    Berli golfer dress
    Regular Price R1,299.00 R649.00
  5. Webbing pebble tote bag
    Webbing pebble tote bag
  6. Kensington crossbody
    Kensington crossbody
  7. Stratford multi shopper handbag
    Stratford multi shopper handbag
  8. Stratford tote
    Stratford tote
  9. Lyon pebble large duffel bag
    Lyon pebble large duffel bag

Items 1-12 of 87

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