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  1. Women classic canvas sneaker
    Women classic canvas sneaker
  2. Classic knitted runner
    Classic knitted runner
  3. Classic knitted runner
    Classic knitted runner
  4. Women retro runner
    Women retro runner
  5. Women classic knitted runner
    Women classic knitted runner
  6. Kayla flip flop
    Kayla flip flop
  7. Bianca pump
    Bianca pump
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When you’re buying shoes for women, the first thing you should take into consideration is the occasion. Shoes for a formal occasion should have a closed toe and be made from a durable material like leather. If the shoes are for a casual occasion, then you can choose a shoe with a low heel and a fabric upper.

Search for exactly what your heart desires from the category, brand, colour, price, size you prefer. For the trendiest Polo ladies shoes in South Africa, shop with us today. We have different types of women's shoes including:

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