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  1. Men's Merino Wool Archive Zip-thru Knit
    Men's Merino Wool Archive Zip-thru Knit
  2. Men's Merino Wool Archive Quarter Zip Knit
    Men's Merino Wool Archive Quarter Zip Knit
  3. Men's Merino Wool Archive Quarter Zip Knit
    Men's Merino Wool Archive Quarter Zip Knit
  4. Men’s Knitted Jogger
    Men’s Knitted Jogger
  5. Men’s Monogram Crew Knit
    Men’s Monogram Crew Knit
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A classically designed men’s knitwear piece from Polo should become a signature piece of your wardrobe to be worn throughout the year. Sweaters and pullovers are not only for winter; a well-fitted, quality jersey can make the perfect accessory to both a spring and autumn look too.

At Polo South Africa, our men’s knitwear range is stylish and offers variety in terms of styles, colours and sizes. We want to make every South African man feel confident and dapper when wearing our men’s apparel pieces, and our knitwear designs are no different.

Buy men’s knitwear online now thanks to our fully-equipped online store that showcases our full range of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel. You’ll also find the perfect men’s accessories online too.

Shop our full range online or find a flagship store near you now.

Men’s Polo Knitwear

Where to buy men’s knitwear online?

If you’re looking for men’s Polo knitwear like sweaters, jerseys and pullovers, we make your search incredibly easy. Visit us online now to buy a signature piece of knitwear for your wardrobe now. Or if you prefer to shop with us in person, visit us at one of our 18 flagship stores today. Our sales consultants are ready and waiting to help you revamp your wardrobe from staid to sophisticated.

Whether online or in store, you’ll find the perfect men’s jersey, sweater or pullover as well as a variety of other men’s apparel pieces too, including;

T-shirts & Golfers

We began our business designing Polo golfers for every man. Our brand was built on developing quality shirts for men and it has grown in leaps and bounds since then. Shop our wide range of iconic Polo golfers today or find the perfect man's t-shirt for you or a loved one now.

Shirts & Formal

Made with premium fabrics our shirts and formal shirts from Polo offer the ultimate in stylish perfection. For business or pleasure, shop our range of Polo shirts today.

Jeans & Chinos

Make sure you have our range of Polo jeans and chinos for every possible occasion. A well-fitted pair of Polo jeans will have you looking as confident and as sophisticated as you feel. Our chinos are a cut above the rest and are designed to be both well-fitted and superbly comfortable.

Jackets and Coats

From a stylish dinner jacket to a chic winter coat, the Polo range of jackets and coats has something for every man in it. If you’re looking for a formal blazer for a work function, or a semi-casual jacket for a day time event, shop our range of jackets and coats to find what you’re looking for.


Our range of men’s stretch shorts are made for functional style and superb comfort. Take your look to the next level with a stylish pair of Polo men’s shorts today.

How much are men’s Polo knitwear?

Ranging in price, our men’s knitwear online range is priced for the quality and excellence you’ll get when you buy them. They are made with the finest cotton and wool blends on the market and offer the wearer the ultimate in both comfort and confidence.

Visit us in store at one of our 18 flagship stores across South Africa today. Or for the ultimate in convenience, shop online with us today.

Not only will you find a full range of men’s clothing and accessories but you find something for everyone thanks to our women’s, boys, girls and baby range too.

Choose quality, sophistication and style for the whole family. Choose Polo.

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