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Perfect for that beach-style villa aesthetic with nautical tones of white, blue, navy and cream, you’ll find the new range of outdoor décor items for your patio or pool deck from Polo are the perfect fit for your style.

Browse our range of exterior house décor elements for the home. If you are looking for contemporary pieces to finish off an outdoor space, shop at Polo today.

Shop our Home Décor range online or find a flagship store near you now.

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Where to buy outdoor decor?

Knowing where to buy your ideal patio décor item is as important as knowing which one to buy. We have put together some tips on how to buy the right outdoor home décor furniture and accessories from Polo now;

Why do you need the item?

It’s important to know what you need from a piece of furniture before you buy it. Do you need a deck chair to fill a space near the pool for people to relax and recline in for example? Understanding the functionality of the piece you need is an essential first step.

What is your décor style?

Choosing a piece that will complement your décor style is key. The piece you choose should match your personality as well as the personality of your home.

What is your price point?

Do you have a budget for the item you need? Be open to purchasing a quality, crafted piece that is designed to be both luxurious and long-lasting. Cheaper is not always better when it comes to designer sophistication.

When you know what you want and what you’re looking for, your decision on the key fashion-statement piece will be easier to make. Shop at Polo online right away, and find your ideal décor item for any outdoor space today.

How much is outdoor decor?

Our home décor items are priced perfectly for the quality, designer items you’ll get. You’ll be able to buy foot stool and deck chairs made from eucalyptus Karri wood with 100% darlon acrylic fabric seats in a variety of colour combinations at the perfect price point yet.

Where can I buy Polo outdoor decor?

You can find sophisticated, contemporary home décor pieces for the patio and outdoor spaces in two, convenient ways;

Polo Online

Our online store offers the latest in seasonal items for sale right now. Stay ahead of the pack with our range of designer items for men, women and children like dresses, jeans, golfers, t-shirts, sweaters and more. Shop for shoes and accessories online too. You’ll also be able to browse our new range of home décor for the outdoors online too.


Polo Stores

Shop at any one of our 18 flagship stores around the country and feel the premium quality and luxurious comfort for yourself.

Choose quality, sophistication and style for the whole family. Choose Polo.