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  1. Ivy slip-on sneaker
    Ivy slip-on sneaker
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    Ivanna monogram sneaker
  3. Ivy slip-on sneaker
    Ivy slip-on sneaker
  4. Gemma sneaker
    Gemma sneaker
  5. Jenna monogram sneaker
    Jenna monogram sneaker
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  7. Jamilla pinpunch sneaker
    Jamilla pinpunch sneaker
  8. Gemma sneaker
    Gemma sneaker
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  9. Gemma sneaker
    Gemma sneaker
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  10. Gemma sneaker
    Gemma sneaker
    Regular Price R1,299.00 R909.00
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Our women’s sneakers range is designed for the trendy lady who appreciates both style and comfort. At Polo SA, our designer ladies sneakers range is made to bring the ultimate in sophisticated comfort to any look. Whether you want to pair our leather sneakers with a women’s golfer and Polo jeans for the perfect casual chic look, or you want to pair our knitted sneakers with a stylish loungewear look, you absolutely can.

For women’s sneakers for sale that are perfectly on trend and will have you oozing style, shop at Polo SA today.

When shopping for yourself, you’ll be able to pick up designer pieces for the rest of the family too. We offer a wide range of menswear clothing and apparel as well as the trendiest children’s wear range. We’re proud to offer our new Polo homeware range which allows you to bring designer style into your home as well.

Shop our full range online or find a flagship store near you now.

Shop for Ladies Polo Sneakers 

Where can I buy women’s sneakers?

At Polo SA, we make buying women’s sneakers simple. Visit us at a flagship store near you today and browse through this season’s women’s sneakers South Africa range in person. Or shop online where you can browse by price, colour, size and style in out footwear range today.

When you shop the Polo female sneakers range, here is what you can expect:

Leather Sneakers

Choose from the Chloe leather sneaker design in white or navy blue or our signature Valerie monogram leather sneaker too. All our sneakers are available in sizes 3 to 8, depending on availability.

Knit Sneakers

The trend at the moment is for women to merge both function and comfort together to create a casual look that is both beautiful and stylish. Choose from our range of Gemma knitted sneakers in black or grey and you won’t be disappointed. Soft, stylish and comfortable, you’ll be able to pair our leather sneakers effortlessly with Polo ladies’ jeans, pants or even shorts.

How much do women’s sneakers cost?

Our prices are highly competitive, so it’s easy to find your perfect pair of ladies’ sneakers with Polo. Our designer pieces are worth their price tag and are designed to give you years of trendy wear.  For the fashion-forward thinker who wants to wear comfortable pieces without compromising on style, choose Polo today.

Polo Women’s Footwear, available online and in store

We make shopping for the most comfortable shoes easy thanks to our fully-loaded online store as well as our flagship stores.

Shop Online

If you’d prefer to shop from the comfort of home, then browse Polo SA online today. Our easy-to-use online store showcases all of our seasonal pieces in our menswear, womenswear and children’s wear departments now. 

Shop In Store

If shopping in person is still your preference, choose a Polo store in a luxury mall today. We have  flagship stores across South Africa, that showcase the latest trends and designer items for every season. 

Choose quality, sophistication and style for the whole family. Choose Polo.