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  1. Hank sneaker
    Hank sneaker
    Regular Price R1,199.00 R839.00
  2. Heath sneaker
    Heath sneaker
    Regular Price R1,099.00 R769.00
  3. Grant sneaker
    Grant sneaker
    Regular Price R1,299.00 R909.00
  4. Aiden formal lace up
    Aiden formal lace up
    Regular Price R2,899.00 R2,029.00
  5. Brody tassel loafer
    Brody tassel loafer
    Regular Price R2,899.00 R2,029.00
  6. Heath sneaker
    Heath sneaker
    Regular Price R1,099.00 R769.00
  7. Austin plain vamp formal lace up
    Austin plain vamp formal lace up
    Regular Price R2,899.00 R2,029.00
  8. Austin plain vamp formal lace up
    Austin plain vamp formal lace up
    Regular Price R2,899.00 R2,029.00
  9. Harold stripe sneaker
    Harold stripe sneaker
    Regular Price R2,499.00 R1,749.00
  10. Gavin knit sneaker
    Gavin knit sneaker
    Regular Price R1,299.00 R909.00
  11. Harry gusset slip on sneaker
    Harry gusset slip on sneaker
    Regular Price R1,399.00 R979.00
  12. Henry side flash sneaker
    Henry side flash sneaker
    Regular Price R799.00 R559.00
  13. Gavin knit sneaker
    Gavin knit sneaker
    Regular Price R1,299.00 R909.00
  14. Oliver leather sneaker
    Oliver leather sneaker
  15. Carlos plain lace up
    Carlos plain lace up
  16. Carl sneaker
    Carl sneaker
  17. Boston slip-on sneaker
    Boston slip-on sneaker
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In the Polo shoes range we have the latest designs in men’s shoes and women’s shoes to choose from. When it comes to shoes for men, our men’s shoes online range features every single shoe design available from Polo right now, so you’ll be able to find the trendiest and most recent designs for men with just the click of a button.

When shopping for men's shoes for sale you’ll find a wide range of shoes like sneakers, sandals and slip-ons for men. If you’re needing a pair of casual sandals for a day event or formal pair of leather lace-ups for a wedding or special occasion, look no further than the Polo men’s shoes South Africa range now.

We do men’s shoes online in South Africa better than anyone else and we guarantee that our luxury designs use only the finest materials and best-quality finishes you could ask for. Shop for designer shoes from Polo for men online or in store now.

Shop our full range online or find a flagship store near you now.

Men’s Shoes Online

Where to buy men’s shoes?

At Polo South Africa, you’ll find a huge variety of men’s shoes from formal to casual options. You can shop the full range of men’s footwear at Polo online or at a flagship store near you. Our online store features the entire Polo shoe collection including New Arrivals, Men’s Shoes and Women’s Shoes too. All you need to do is relax in your home and browse the entire range with ease.

The Polo men’s shoes range now includes;

Formal Shoes

Our formal shoe range includes designer men’s leather lace-ups that will take you easily from the boardroom to the nightclub in style. Our men’s leather formal shoes are available in a range of designs and colours in sizes 6 to 11 for men.

Whether you need a pair of smart brown shoes for a wedding or a pair of black leather lace-ups to compliment your designer suit, you’ll find it all in our formal shoes for men range online now.

Casual Shoes

From leather sandals for the ultimate in cosmopolitan style to leather sneakers for that oh-so trendy look, shop the Polo for men range of casual shoes today. You’ll find a shoe design that’s perfect for the beach or a braai in this range. Choose from designer flip flops to pair with you Polo men’s shorts and t-shirt, or a pair of suede slip-ons to compliment a pair of Polo Jeans and a formal shirt. No matter what your style combo will be, we’ll have a pair of casual shoes to go perfectly with it.

Women’s Shoes

While you shop online or in store for your favourite men’s footwear make sure to take some time to browse through our women’s shoes section too. We feature a wide range of designer women’s shoes in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. Buy something perfect for the lady in your life by getting her a pair of designer court shoes or classic leather sandals from Polo today.

How much are men’s shoes?

Ranging in prices depending on the style of shoe you choose; you’ll find all the prices for our designer shoe range online now. Go to Polo South Africa online now and you’ll be able to search a range of men’s shoes in the styles, designs, colours, sizes and prices you want.

Our online store is full to the brim with men’s and women’s shoes including New Arrivals for the latest designs available. You’ll also be able to buy menswear and womenswear items too including fashion accessories to-die-for. Shop our range of boys and girls clothing online too.

Shop for yourself, friends and family in store too. We have 15 flagship stores across the country that showcase our latest designs in clothing for men, women, boys, girls and babies too. Find us at in an upmarket mall near you today.

Choose quality, sophistication and style for the whole family. Choose Polo.

Shop for Shoes for Men now.