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Shop our women's New Arrivals collection for the latest additions to our meticulously designed ladies clothing collection. Choose from signature Polo golf dresses, knitwear and jackets to Polo denims and joggers for women. Our online store boasts our freshest and latest ladies fashion in our New Arrivals range.

In New Arrivals, we showcase the latest designer items from Polo each season. Whether you’re looking for new fashion dresses for ladies for a special occasion or event, or whether you’re just wanting to spoil yourself and give your wardrobe an update, you’ll find it all in the Polo New Arrivals collection now.

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Latest Fashion for Women

Where to buy women new arrivals?

Do you like to be bang on trend when it comes to fashion? Do you like your wardrobe to reflect the latest and most current ladies’ fashion available this season? Well, then shop for women’s new arrival apparel from Polo online today. In the New Arrival fashion collection, you’ll find everything from shoes and shorts, t-shirts and jeans too.

While your browsing the New Arrivals section, be sure to take a look at our other women’s fashion collections, including;

Polo Jeans Co

Slip into a pair of fitted, versatile and oh-so comfortable women’s jeans from Polo today, and we promise that you’ll never feel sexier. Not only will you find our signature range of Polo Jeans for women in this collection but you’ll also find other designer pieces like blouses and t-shirts too. Shop the Polo Jeans Co Collection now.

Polo Classic

For the most contemporary fashion pieces in one collection, shop the Polo Classic range now. We feature designer items in classic Polo style that bring comfort, quality and sophistication to any look. From classic items like golfers and t-shirts, to classic shoes and women’s pants, you’ll find a detailed range of womenswear perfectly paired together in the Polo Classic collection.


For must-have items that no woman should go without, shop our wide range of signature Polo Essentials now. We have the most important Polo women’s clothing items in the Essentials collection and make shopping for essential items easy. Visit our online store now and shop the Essentials collection today, you’ll find signature Polo pieces that will become the backbone to your fashion closet.

 How much are women new arrivals?

The beauty of shopping with Polo online is that you’ll be able to search for your perfect style, design, colour, size and price of the item you desire. You’ll find a women’s apparel piece that will match you fashion sense and wallet today.

Shop for womenswear including designer women’s accessories and footwear too. You’ll also find a wide range of menswear and fashion accessories including shoes for men too. You’ll also be able to find something for your bambinos from our children’s wear range which includes designer baby grows too.

Visit us in store as well at a Polo outlet near you. We have 15 flagship stores in luxury malls nationwide. Our sales consultants are trained to help you find your perfect fit and will gladly show you our Essentials collection too.

Choose quality, sophistication and style for the whole family. Choose Polo.

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  1. Marie relaxed jean
    Marie relaxed jean
  2. Mich tipped golfer
    Mich tipped golfer
  3. Boston golfer dress
    Boston golfer dress
  4. Berni golfer dress
    Berni golfer dress
  5. Harriet walk short
    Harriet walk short
  6. Harriet walk short
    Harriet walk short
  7. Stacey crop jean
    Stacey crop jean
  8. Mpho paisley stretch golfer
    Mpho paisley stretch golfer
    Regular Price R799.00 R560.00
  9. Margot golfer
    Margot golfer
    Regular Price R699.00 R490.00
  10. Jacky debossed t-shirt
    Jacky debossed t-shirt
    Regular Price R599.00 R420.00
  11. Printed golfer dress
    Printed golfer dress
    Regular Price R1,199.00 R840.00
  12. Berli golfer dress
    Berli golfer dress
    Regular Price R1,299.00 R910.00
  13. Lyon pebble tote bag
    Lyon pebble tote bag
  14. Webbing pebble camera sling
    Webbing pebble camera sling
  15. Webbing pebble camera sling
    Webbing pebble camera sling
  16. Webbing pebble tote bag
    Webbing pebble tote bag
  17. Webbing pebble tote bag
    Webbing pebble tote bag
  18. Kensington barrel handbag
    Kensington barrel handbag
  19. Kensington crossbody
    Kensington crossbody
  20. Kensington shopper
    Kensington shopper
  21. Stratford tote
    Stratford tote
  22. Stratford tote
    Stratford tote
  23. Minnie sport stretch top
    Minnie sport stretch top
  24. Margot Golfer
    Margot Golfer
  25. Jem organic t-shirt
    Jem organic t-shirt
  26. Hazyview safari pleat shorts
    Hazyview safari pleat shorts
  27. Palesa linen tailored short
    Palesa linen tailored short
  28. Ariel track pant
    Ariel track pant
  29. Ariel track jacket
    Ariel track jacket
  30. Palesa linen suit blazer
    Palesa linen suit blazer
  31. Palesa linen suit trouser
    Palesa linen suit trouser
  32. Dalia slim trouser
    Dalia slim trouser
  33. Dalia slim trouser
    Dalia slim trouser
  34. Dalia slim trouser
    Dalia slim trouser
  35. Dalia slim trouser
    Dalia slim trouser
  36. Diane linen pull on pant
    Diane linen pull on pant
  37. Sheryl chambray shirt
    Sheryl chambray shirt
  38. Seattle linen shirt
    Seattle linen shirt
  39. Sicily stripe linen shirt
    Sicily stripe linen shirt
    Regular Price R1,399.00 R980.00
  40. Buhle high neck dress
    Buhle high neck dress
  41. Kathy basic golfer dress
    Kathy basic golfer dress
  42. Mandy stretch golfer dress
    Mandy stretch golfer dress
    Regular Price R1,099.00 R770.00
  43. Macey stripe golfer
    Macey stripe golfer
    Regular Price R999.00 R700.00
  44. Briana rhinestone t-shirt
    Briana rhinestone t-shirt
  45. Jasmine ribbed tee
    Jasmine ribbed tee
  46. Distressed print tee
    Distressed print tee
  47. Distressed print tee
    Distressed print tee
  48. Jo sequin t-shirt
    Jo sequin t-shirt
  49. Pamela suit blazer
    Pamela suit blazer
  50. Pamela tailored trouser
    Pamela tailored trouser
  51. Sadie relaxed weekender jean
    Sadie relaxed weekender jean
    Regular Price R1,099.00 R770.00
  52. Stacey jean
    Stacey jean
    Regular Price R999.00 R700.00
  53. Cady shawl blouse
    Cady shawl blouse
  54. Nicole cable knit cardigan
    Nicole cable knit cardigan
    Regular Price R1,099.00 R770.00
  55. Nina cable knit pullover
    Nina cable knit pullover
    Regular Price R999.00 R700.00
  56. Natalie pull over knit
    Natalie pull over knit
    Regular Price R1,099.00 R770.00
  57. Taryn bomber jacket
    Taryn bomber jacket
  58. Caty stretch pencil skirt
    Caty stretch pencil skirt
    Regular Price R899.00 R630.00
  59. Bianca golfer dress
    Bianca golfer dress
  60. Brooklyn print golfer dress
    Brooklyn print golfer dress

Items 1-60 of 72

Set Descending Direction