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  1. Bianca golfer dress
    Bianca golfer dress
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  2. Bianca golfer dress
    Bianca golfer dress
  3. Kathy golfer dress
    Kathy golfer dress
  4. Leigh golfer dress
    Leigh golfer dress
  5. Leigh golfer dress
    Leigh golfer dress
  6. Melanie equestrian golfer dress
    Melanie equestrian golfer dress
  7. Melanie equestrian golfer dress
    Melanie equestrian golfer dress
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  8. Leaha golfer dress
    Leaha golfer dress
  9. Leaha short sleeve golfer dress
    Leaha short sleeve golfer dress
  10. Kathy basic golfer dress
    Kathy basic golfer dress
  11. Printed golfer dress
    Printed golfer dress
  12. Renni rhinestone golfer dress
    Renni rhinestone golfer dress
  13. Buhle golfer dress
    Buhle golfer dress
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The women’s golf dress is a signature Polo design that takes the ultimate in comfort and mixes it effortlessly with bright sophistication. No matter whether you’ll be playing a round of 18 holes or meeting your friends for a long lunch, a Polo golf dress will ensure you look stylish and effortless at the same time.

Designed with trendy comfort in mind, our range of Polo golfer dresses are available both online or in store. From belted golfer dresses in a variety of colours, to simple stretch cotton golfers, you’ll find it all easily in the Polo golfer dress section of our online store. You’ll also find a range of short sleeved golfer dresses and even striped ones too. No matter what you fashion style sense is, you’ll find a golfer dress that will suit your mood, need and occasion, every time.

Shop our full range online or find a flagship store near you now.

Polo Golfer Dresses

Where to buy Polo ladies golf dresses?

For the latest Polo golf dress price available in South Africa, shop the range of golf dresses for women at Polo online today. You’ll be able to buy a golf dress for yourself and your bestie online, as well as browse the full range of women’s apparel that we have available.

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How much are ladies golf dresses?

From R799, you’ll find a designer golfer dress that will flatter your figure and enhance your style at our online store now. Be sure to check out the for-sale items too for excellent deals on golfer dresses to go.

Try on a women’s golfer dress in store today too. We are located across the country at 15 flagship stores nationwide, where you’ll find the latest in women’s fashion now.

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