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  3. Kim golfer
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  4. Nina golfer
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  5. Nina golfer
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  6. Mia tee
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  7. Mia tee
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For the fashion-forward pre-teen who likes to look good all the time, then shopping the 7-14 years girls clothing range will be just up her alley. Our designer 7-14 years clothing for girls’ range is stylish and super trendy. She’ll be the best dressed in school if she wears Polo 7-14 years girls’ apparel, that’s a promise.

Choose from gorgeous skinny jeans to trendy tee’s and much more when you shop the clothing for 7-14-year-old girls range from Polo now. Sit down with your little princess and shop online together, you’ll be able to mix and match her perfect wardrobe from the comfort of home.

Shop our full range online or find a flagship store near you now.

7-14 Years Clothing for Girls

Where to buy clothes for 7-14-year-old girls?

Choose designer items from the Polo apparel for 7-14-year-old girls and you’ll be investing in stylish, quality apparel fit for your princess. No matter what her tastes and likes are, we have a wide range of gorgeous clothing to choose from that your 7-14-year-old lady will love.

The full range of girl’s clothing by Polo includes;

T-shirts & Golfers

She’ll be pretty and comfortable when wearing a girl’s t-shirt or signature golfer from Polo today. She could pair it with some flared shorts or skinny jeans for a super casual look that is both stylish and comfy. Shop the full range of girl’s tee’s and golfers online today.

Dresses & Golfer Dresses

Allow her to move effortlessly from day to night in a girl’s dress or golfer dress from Polo. Our dresses are made to be versatile, wearable and utterly adorable. For the sporty girl and the pretty princess, you’ll find a Polo girl’s dress that’s perfect for your tween today.


Gorgeous, trendy blouses in a range of wearable fabrics and colours are available from the girl’s blouses range today. Shop the full range of blouses for girls online and you’ll find the perfect fit for your 7-14-year-old madam today.

Leggings & Pants

Eccentric or model, no matter what kind of personality your gorgeous girl has, she’ll always be able to let her true colours shine in a pair of designer leggings or jeans from Polo today. Shop the full range of pants and leggings for girls online now.


Comfortable, versatile and oh-so pretty is how the Polo range of girl’s shorts will make your little girl feel. Perfect for a day time party or special occasion, your 7-14-year-old girl will be able to pair her pair of Polo shorts with a gorgeous blouse or t-shirt from our girl’s clothing range too.


Every little girl needs a designer sweater to keep her warm in winter, so why not find her perfect match from the knitwear range for girls from Polo today.


Shop online for a jacket for every season that your tween or teenager will adore. Our range of girl’s jackets are stylish, sophisticated and designed especially for every little girl from 7-14 years old.

Where to buy Polo clothes for 7-14-year-old girls?

Browse and shop with Polo South Africa online today. Our online store is packed with girl’s apparel for every season and every occasion. From everyday casual wear to signature pieces for that special occasion, you’ll find the perfect fit for your princess online today.

We also feature a large range of boy’s clothing, menswear and womenswear too including fashionable and trendy shoes and accessories.

Find us in a luxury mall near you today too. We have 15 flagship stores across the country which stock designer items for everyone in the family.

Choose quality, sophistication and style for the whole family. Choose Polo.

Shop for Girls Age 7-14 Years now.